The dot Remote

The dot Remote

When it comes to riding an electric skateboard, being in control of how you put power to the road is everything. Today we want to take a look at how dot Riders control the electric part of their boards using our unique handheld control that makes skating with power fun and intuitive – the dot RC100 Remote.

Imagined from the ground up by our designers, the dot RC100 Remote has an ergonomic design that features soft silicon triggers, haptic vibration warnings, and a small but functional LCD screen. All carefully arranged to enable a seamless electric skateboarding experience – but also grant access to the deeper customisation options of your dot Board.

Let’s take a closer look at how the RC100 works, and what it makes possible for dot Riders.

Ergonomic design to fit in seamlessly with the way you ride

Skating with power can take a little getting used to – but the RC100 quickly makes it feel natural and intuitive. Pretty soon our wireless handheld control will start to feel like an extension of the way you ride. 

Along the front of the handle are the pressure sensitive triggers that put an intuitive ‘squeeze-and-go’ functionality at your fingertips. With your index and middle finger over the acceleration trigger, and the ring and pinky finger positioned over the deceleration/braking trigger – you’ll never find yourself scrambling for the input you want. Seamlessly moving from acceleration to braking and back again as you ride.

An adjustable strap keeps your control secure in your hand, and most riders will find themselves choosing to helm their dot Board with the RC100 in their dominant hand, toward the back of the board. But you don’t have to feel tied to that. The RC100 is more than powerful enough to be used in the lead hand – a little further from the VESC unit mounted on the underside of your dot.

A simple but powerful interface – all controlled via the RC100

The dot RC100 Remote is designed to feel natural and intuitive – but there’s more to it than that. The RC100 gives riders control over every aspect of their board via a small but clear LCD display and four-directional pad. 

Take a look at this graphic to see how we’ve laid out the range of displays and customisation points that you can control with your dot RC100 Remote.

Info, Options, Ride, and Tools are made accessible by pressing up and down on the four-directional pad.

In Info, you’ll find everything from how much battery charge you have left to motor temperatures and the status of your wireless connection. Under Options and Tools, you’ll find controls for things like your tail lights, your display settings and battery saving functions like ‘auto-off’ for when you forget to switch your board off manually.

Ride is where you can make changes to the way your board feels and responds while out skating. Every dot comes pre-loaded with three modes for riders to choose from – Novice, Eco, and Expert, and each mode treats acceleration and braking differently. No one wants to hear it, but you should definitely take your time working up to Expert mode.


Harnessing electric freedom 

The dot RC100 Remote, along with the VESC unit mounted on the underside of every dot Board, is how dot Riders control their experience of electric freedom. And that experience is always evolving as we learn more about how to get the best out of the hardware that makes up dot Boards.

Years of careful research and development have informed the design of the RC100. And just like the board itself, the dot RC100 Remote will have firmware updates made available semi-regularly via the dot Hub tool. That’s the program you can use, along with the USB data cable that comes with every dot, to connect your RC100 and your board to dot HQ for both updates and troubleshooting.

These updates are how we make incremental improvements to things like diagnostics and reporting, and the way that dot Boards feel and ride. It’s also how we introduce changes to the use of haptic feedback in your RC100 and features like dot Overspeed Lockout that make the RC100 control experience better and more seamless with each update.

discover the dot boards experience for yourself

dot Boards are built to skate like a skateboard should – and that means doubling down on the features that make putting power to the road feel smooth and intuitive. The RC100 is an essential piece of the puzzle, and it’s ergonomic design and seamless functionality is something you really have to experience for yourself.

The best way to do that is by visiting one of our demo locations. In our home city of Melbourne, that’s Twelve Board Store in Richmond – but we’ve built partnerships with stores all over Australia, and the US, where you can head in and see what a dot board can do.

If you’re having any trouble finding a location, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach out to us directly by emailing the team at